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Katana Samurai Hockey Stick – Low Bow


We dare you to compare the specifications below with any other brand and we guarantee you will not find better anywhere near this price!


– 90% spread tow carbon fibre – stiffer and stronger than other carbon fibres and produces a more consistent stick

– 5% aramid (kevlar)

  • Control head shape
  • PU grip
  • Touch compound on the face and lower shaft

Length: available in 4 lengths:

  • 36.5″
  • 37.5″
  • 38.5″
  • 40″

Bow: 24mm Bow Apex – 20cm from the base (low bow)

Weight: Light (540 grams target weight)

Flat plate on the back ensures a consistent hitting/sweeping sweet spot. The slight groove on the lower shaft and low bow helps with drag flicking, overheads and 3-D skills

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Buy with confidence – I’m happy to provide a full refund and pay for return shipping if you don’t like it.

“Katana” means samurai sword in Japanese and our sticks adhere to the same principles – simplicity and performance

Risk free buying – free return within one week.
3 month warranty on construction defects

Orders can be placed via the website (for payment by credit card) or by email (for payment by bank deposit for New Zealand customers).

You are welcome to email or call 021 130 3337  if you have any questions.


36.5", 37.5", 38.5", 40"