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Katana Tachi Junior Hockey Stick


An excellent stick for children looking to develop advanced skills. The fully composite construction provides a super stiff, lightweight stick and will not wear as quickly as wooden sticks do on artificial turf. The increased stiffness and mid bow curve enables faster head speeds so when slapping and sweeping more power is generated than a wooden stick of the same weight.

We dare you to compare the specifications below with any other brand and we guarantee you will not find better!


Orders can be placed via the website (for payment by credit card) or by email (for payment by bank deposit for New Zealand customers).  You are welcome to email or call 021 130 3337  if you have any questions.

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– 5% carbon fibre
– 95% fibreglass
– Midi head shape
– 24mm mid bow curve
– PU cushion grip
– Approximately 490g weight
Risk free buying – free return within one week.
3 month warranty on construction defects
Sticks with other specifications can be ordered with a few weeks lead-time – please contact us to discuss.

30", 32"