Octisox – Anti Slip, Super Grip Long Sports Socks



OctiSox are the best sports socks in the world. Period.

A lot of attention is paid to sports footwear to maximise the grip and comfort when playing but there’s no point in flash shoes if your foot is sliding around – not only is it uncomfortable, it affects your balance and performance in a game.

OctiSox have been made with super grip rubber dots impregnated into the fabric of the sole to provide unparalleled grip – when you are constantly changing direction and accelerating they make a big difference!

The OctiSox have also been thoughtfully designed with the following features:
– A recessed seam across the top of the toes so no more bulky stitching cramping your feet
– Elasticated arch and achilles support woven into the fabric
– Mesh sections on the top of the foot to help moisture wick away during exercise
– Supple, light and comfortable fabric – no itching!
– A flexible and roomy fit over the calves so shinguards are easy to put in place – I hate struggling to pull tight socks over large hockey shinguards so made sure this wouldn’t be a problem!
– Extra length – the leg of the sock is 43cm long and very flexible so they easily reach to the knees on any player and cover the largest shinguards

– 43cm leg (measured from the cream coloured line to the top)
– 22.5cm foot (measured from the back of the heel to the front)

OctiSox come in one size but stretch easily so they will fit most adult feet.

Available in navy blue only at present. Many players cut the feet off their team coloured socks and wear the footless tube taped at the ankle over the top of the OctiSox so they still match team colours.

Cold machine wash as you would with normal socks.


Orders can be placed via the website (for payment by credit card) or by email (for payment by bank deposit for New Zealand customers).  You are welcome to email or call 021 130 3337  if you have any questions.

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